Strategies Of Money Scam Websites

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Methods of earning money online are numerous, and they keep developing and giving many opportunities to all kinds of people, with different skills, social, cultural and educational background. Unfortunately, the ways of cheating people also grow in number and creativity, and it is not rare to become a victim of a scam of smaller or larger scale.

easy-money-scamOne of the very common scams is so called “money system”, which is unfortunately even advertized by banners on various websites. The sites that offer these “systems” are usually very aggressive in their campaign, persuasive and persistent. They usually offer a system of earning lots of money in a short time, and even though they usually have a similar approach to the potential victims, they use several ways of making them pay for the “system”.

Some scam websites use the simple approach – they persuade you to pay them a certain amount of money, after which they will send you the system you need to use on trading platforms or somewhere else in order to “cheat the system”, beat the odds and earn insane amounts of money. Other websites also offer you the opportunity to beat the odds by trading on binary or forex platforms, but they require you to create an account with a broker through their website and pay a certain deposit. These brokers are usually fake, unreliable websites, which will take your money and of course – give you nothing in return. There are websites that offer you a binary robot which will beat the odds instead of you and execute every trade successfully. Again, you will need to pay a certain deposit, and even if there is a binary robot for you to use – make sure that it will help you lose all the money you have invested.


It is not difficult to recognize these websites. Their story can attract you and it can seem true at the first sight. There are even video or textual testimonies by satisfied users that confirm the success of the “system”. However, if you visit more than one of such websites, you will be able to conclude that they all have videos with similar stories, with the same elements, and that even sometimes the same people appear in video-testimonials on different websites. After all, even if it was not the case – you should be aware of the fact that there is no success without hard work.

As you can see, the most exposed to money scams are binary option traders. Therefore, if you want to trade binary options, make sure to double-check before choosing a broker. Do not register with suspicious brokers and do not trust unrealistic numbers that suggest accuracy of signals or robots over 80-85%. Before choosing a broker, read the reviews, as well as comments of users on each review, because this way you will get a better insight on the broker and its reliability. Brokers like 24Option and other licensed brokers are likely to bring you successful and above all safe trading, where you can be sure that you can actually earn money and that it will be paid out to you.
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Groups Of People Vulnerable To Money Scams

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Different kinds of money scams have always been present, and the worst thing is that they can be very creative and persuasive. With the technological development and the availability of everything online, it seems that financial scams have become more common and more various than ever. There are those who approach everything with extra caution, those who have a lot of experience or those who simply do not get involved in any financial operations unknown to them. These types of people are generally more difficult to get scammed. On the other hand, there are groups of those who are more vulnerable to financial scams. If you belong to any of these groups, be extra cautious and think of your moves.

how-brokers-make-money-300x2121. Desperate for money – this can be caused by many factors: serious illness, various types of debts, different fees that need to be paid (such as college tuition fee)… In desperate situations, people are likely to grasp at straws and turn to almost anything that sounds promising to bring them money. This is when even the most intelligent, educated and aware person may fall for different money scams. They can often be encountered online, promising a “secret system” for earning tons of money, which cannot be earned by any job that an average person does on daily basis. The simple rule is – if it sounds too good to be true, it actually is. No matter how desperate you are, do not try these “systems”, because not only that they do not work, but they will actually take you money instead of helping you earn it.

2. Unemployed for a long time – the reasons for this can be numerous. Some of them fall under the “desperate” category, but there is one more reason that can make you reach for the “easy money” promised by most scammers: laziness. Those who are unemployed simply because they are too lazy to work are very likely to get attracted to the promises of big money in little time. Again, be sure that only hard work brings a lot of money, and there is no “secret system” that can change it.

Binary-Options-training1-300x2613. Online traders – if you trade the best binary option brokers, read the reviews and choose the licensed brokers. When it comes to robots, it is better to avoid them, because there is still a lot of scam in this area of trading. If you decide to use them after all, the principle is the same: read the reviews and make sure to use a robot with the possibility to set maximum amount of loss, so that it does not leave you with an empty account.

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Types of Financial risk

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You probably know what financial risk means in general. I will avoid explaining that for the sake of space in this article and jump on types of risk that are present in the worlds of finances. I might not be able to mention all of them or devote enough space for some of them but bear with me.

Comparing CalculationsLiquidity risk is, as its name suggests, a risk of not receiving cash when it was expected. This risk is also known as cash risk, and it can happen due to two major reasons:

  • If a management of cash within a firm ( or bank ) is bad, then that firm can face this risk. Best example can be made out of banks that have bad cash management and they carry this risk whenever a big withdrawal of money happens.
  • Liquidity risk can become uncontrollable if there is no proper investment decision within certain firm.

If a company is in danger of not being able to pay its debts then it has solvency risk issue. This risk is similar to liquidity risk, but there are some differences in causes of the risks. Another difference between these two risks is the danger they represent. Liquidity risk can be amended through borrowing, but solvency risk can’t because other organizations will not borrow you any money if you are not able to return money you already borrowed.


Interest rate risk can be bad for one of the parties in the deal, either creditor or debtor, depending on the changes of the market conditions. There are four general ways to manage interest rate (to lessen the damage it will do):

  • Through usage of hedge funds
  • Through contracts that fix interest rate to the amount at the certain size, which prevents market conditions from affecting it
  • Decrease in the time that is necessary to pay the debt is one of the ways to reduce this risk
  • By careful measurements of this risk you can make precautions to reduce it as much as it is possible.
Price of the stocks on the market change and they can cause damages, which is presented through equity risk. To prevent such damages from occurring investor has to keep an eye on trends and do regular investment analysis.

3Legal risk is a risk from penalties against a company due to change of laws. In most cases companies are aware of the possibility of a law that can endanger them and it is up to them to act upon that knowledge. Reason for existence of this risk is simple, companies tend to stick to the practices that bring them money, and they are willing to push the boundaries to the limit to ensure maximum profit before the law sets in. This practice of performing business even though it was overruled as legitimate to increase profit is wide-spread in some areas while it is subdued in others. Biggest concentration of these practices is in binary options sites and binary option robot software.


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Finance as a good Major choice

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When it comes to talk about finance, we all tend to think about suits, and we overlook the fact that finance is a very wide area which offers large variety of business opportunities. Indeed, finance is not something that is far out of reach of normal people, because in reality normal people like you and me go and finish finance related colleges, and with good sense they rise above others in their field of expertize.

2222I could go on and talk about areas that require finance all day, but this article will not be about that, this article will serve to show you why finance major is something worth going for. If you choose to go for it, you will spend many nights in your home learning while your friends go out and drink. But that will pay off later when you finish it and find a job they can only dream about.

As I already mentioned finance has a variety of business careers to choose from, and all career paths that go through finance major are focused in a narrow line in which no further or additional expertise is necessary. A major in finance will allow you to work in finance departments of major companies, banks, government agencies and so on. But these jobs are for high-rollers, and it is quite hard to get employed there. But finance offers many other job offers that range from work-from-home job opportunities up to work related to shareholders, suppliers and similar subjects. There is a fair amount of jobs that can be done with a major degree in finance both from home or in office and that is why it is a smart choice to go on and get it.


Finance is not all about math, which is probably a new thing for most of you. There is a large part that involves math, but your own personality will play major role on many paths of finance related jobs. Many jobs you will take through finance major will involve contact with other people, where you will have to converse with them, either face-to-face or online. Good social skills will ensure smooth conversations and in general people like to work with people who can explain their part and who can talk about things that are out of the business related circle.

There are many benefits of finance major, and one of the most important benefits is ever growing number of job prospects. Few years ago it was impossible to find a job with finance degree that involved work from home, and now it is normal thing. Economy is recovering from crisis, and technology is allowing new fields of business to develop, and all those fields require skilled finance managers ( this work description is too simple, because finance manager is one name for multitude of jobs ). But don’t misunderstand working from home in finance area and gambling on so called trading sites, like banc de binary for example. That will be bad for your account balance.

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Finance versus Accounting

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Finance and accounting are two similar areas of expertise if you look at them with amateur eye. A degree in a joint course can be achieved, but only general knowledge about both of those areas is attained through it. But to further your knowledge on either of those two subjects you will have to specialize in one of them. Both of these areas are important and the decision between those two is up to each and every person. There is no better between those two, because when it comes to it, these two areas are quite different in approach to their respective world and their part if the big scheme of all things.

111Main difference between finance and accounting is their focus. Accounting has very narrow focus, where finance is more wide-range, and it covers an array of specializations in economics, business and banking. One of them can’t work without another because they are focused on different aspects of financial state of the company ( I nwhich company is any organization connected to financial world ). Accounting works on day today management of reports and records all over the business world, while finance takes info out of them and projects the future growth of the business and to strategize finances of the company. Therefore students that are interested in finance degree will be inclined to financial strategy and control, while students of the accounting course will be focused on professional principles and management of numbers that are correlated with them.

There is another small distinction between finance and accounting, specialization and career choice.

Corporate and behavioral finance, capital markets, econometrics are only few examples of finance specializations. A lot of specializations within finance are taught in one single program, but at higher levels some of them are taught as their own courses. The main reason for this is due to vastness of those areas of finance, and the need of experts in those respective fields.


Of we would talk about specialization in the field of accounting we should mention risk assessment, tax, auditing and similar professions. There are also some more interesting fields of expertize like forensic accounting which allows students to immerse themselves in case studies. This is used to provide understanding of accountancy processes in legal proceedings, in cases like fraud, insurance claims and similar.

There is a slight difference in career paths that can be taken in consideration to degree choice. Finance careers are in general more lucrative than those that involve accountancy. This is due to different job requirements and descriptions between these financial areas. Accounting part of the job is to record past and present transactions, while finance counterpart uses that info to make crucial decisions for the future of the enterprise.

These two career routes can be used in other things as well ( trading for example ). And I mean all kinds of trading, from stocks and forex to more risky trading like binary options. and similar brokers can offer more information about that area, and you will recognize usefulness of this knowledge soon after joining one of the markets.
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